Fearless Friends

Bottle Babies (amazing site and organization offering practical and emotional support)

MomsFeedingFreedom (industry sponsored, by Similac- but the blogs is really informative and they also offer solid practical tips from an RN)

Breastfeeding: let’s move on to the third wave (great post on feminism and breastfeeding)

Mainstream Parenting (one of the coolest blogs about parenting science I’ve seen.)

Momma Data (wonderful, informative musings from a PhD and mom)

What Science Really Says About the Benefits of Breastfeeding (STATS.org – amazing site)

The Case Against Breastfeeding – Hannah Rosin (Atlantic Monthly)

The Imperfect Parent (tons of great posts on formula feeding)

The Booby Battles (MOMformation)

A Shout Out to Formula Feeding Mommies (JustPeachy Baby Blog)

Breastfeeding Without BS – excellent source of evidence-based, real-world info about breastfeeding


2 thoughts on “Fearless Friends

  1. Hi- I found your blog because I am prepping a formula feeding education program for mothers in Philadelphia. I am looking for more ideas from existing curriculum. Do you know of any formula feeding programs in hospitals or clinics, or organizations? Thanks and I appreciate any help you can offer!
    Jamie Rincker
    Masters Student of Nutrition at Drexel University

  2. Hi there. I just saw your post about starting classes and although I am a year behind you I am starting some classes in Pacific Grove California. I would love your mentor ship and just to ask you a few questions. If your up for it please email or respond and I will give you my number. Thankyou so much

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