About the #ISupportYou movement:

Huffington Post – I Support You: The Conversation We Should Be Having About Breastfeeding & Formula Feeding

Huffington Post – How All Parents Can Find a Place in the “I Support You” Movement

FFF – Announcing The I Support You Movement

Mama By The Bay- I Support You

I Am Not the Babysitter – I Support You

I Am Not the Babysitter – Why I Support You

FFF – I Support You: Yes. And.

Mama By The Bay – This is what support looks like

MSN – “I Support You” movement tears down mommy war barricades

#ISupportYou in the news:

NY Daily News – Women aim to end the mommy wars between breastfeeders and formula feeders

ABC News – Ending the breastfeeding mommy wars

Mommyish – The I Support You Movement is Growing On Twitter

iVilllage – Why I Really Hope This is the End of the Breastfeeding Wars

Redbook – Moms Unite for Breastfeeding Month – But Not to Talk About Breastfeeding

Dawson Creek Daily News – I Support You


The #ISupportYou Video Project:


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11 thoughts on “#ISupportYou

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  11. Very happy to see an article about breastfeeding on BBC and the suffering some new mothers endure. I did not breastfeed my two children and both grew up to be healthy adults with two university degrees each:-)

    My adult daughter decided to breastfeed and went through torture. Her pleasure in her newborn child was destroyed by worry and feelings of inadequacy. When she finally stopped and began bottle feeding all was well.

    For all you new Moms out there – please don’t buy in to the new fashion – that only breast will do. FED is BEST. And being happy with your baby and enjoying him/her is what is most important for the Mom/Baby relationship.

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