Message In a Bottle: Real Stories of Formula Feeding in America

I’ve been working on a few FFF-related projects lately, one of which being a little documentary-style video series which is basically a film version of FFF Fridays, with a bit of my own opinion thrown in for good measure. It’s also my attempt at a measured response (even though the kid in me, like that old cereal commercial says,  would really prefer the frosted deliciousness of a more petulant response) to the upcoming “Formula Fed America”, which I fear is just more one-sided, anti-formula propaganda, completely ignoring the very real experiences of moms like the ones featured in the following videos.

I’m hoping the film medium will bring a new audience to the discussion, so feel free to spread this around the Interwebz if you like it. I apologize in advance for the cheesy music; this was a low-budget project and I fell mercy to the high cost of licensing… just pretend you’re in the early 1990’s and get down with the synthesizer. If you go with it, it’ll be less jarring. Hopefully. God help us all.

Anyway – the original intent was to make one cohesive video, but it turned out much longer than I’d intended, and far lengthier than is “appropriate” for online viewing. Therefore, I split it up into a series of three shorter videos, and also made a short, 9-minute “trailer” or “synopsis” version for those of you with limited time. You can the trailer below – or follow the link to Vimeo, where you can watch it in fullscreen mode.

I encourage you to watch the actual series, though; the women interviewed are truly phenomenal and I think you’ll find it well worth the time to hear their stories and opinions. I’ll be releasing a new “chapter” every few days; today, I’m giving you the trailer, and over the weekend, I’ll put up Part One, which includes detailed personal accounts from three different families. Part Two (coming next week) opens up the discussion with a few more amazing women and tackles topics like peer pressure, advice from the medical establishment, and guilt. Part Three (also available next week) focuses on the political/social side of the debate.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the series. Two of our FFFs are involved – Megan and Meghan – and I’ll be posting a FFF Friday from the latter tomorrow to compliment the release of Part One (which will be up the following day).

Bracing myself for the sh_tstorm to come…



Message In A Bottle: Real Stories of Formula Feeding in America TRAILER from Formula Feeder on Vimeo.

Formula Fed America

Fearless Formula Feeders, strap on your armor. We have a new battle coming.

There’s a documentary hitting the blogosphere called “Formula Fed America”. From the look of the trailer, it’s nothing new- just the same old characters (i.e., Jack Newman…god, how much is this guy raking in on our boobs?) and a few holier-than-thou sounding moms who cite the fact that nursing can stop a temper tantrum as a benefit, and blame the obesity epidemic on formula. Really just the same stuff we’ve been hearing for years. But people are Tweeting about it like it’s the second coming, and I’m sure it will get press as being innovative or what have you.

Just thought I’d warn you.

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