Mean People Suck

Back in the 90’s, sick before the age of memes, bumper stickers were the best of sending the world (or at least the person stuck behind you in traffic) a message about your political leanings, philosophy, or the status of your child’s “Good Citizenship” in school. People got seriously creative with these little strips of adhesive, but there was one that seemed to be strike a chord with the folks I typically associated with. The Birkenstocks-wearing, Ani-DiFranco-listening, liberal-arts-major types. The message that seemed to be stuck to the back of everyone’s used Volvo was this:

Mean People Suck


Catchy, isn’t it?


But what I’ve realized in my late thirties is that mean people do more than just “suck”. The screw things up for the rest of us, in serious, systemic ways. They are the cops who brutalize minor offenders based on the color of their skin; the politicians who refuse to see the human side of their voting record, the instigators of road rage. And in the parenting world, they are the women who perpetuate the mommy wars (such a stupid and patronizing term, for a stupid and patronizing problem).


The thing is, mommy “wars” may be stupid, but their effect is far-reaching and profound. They make us believe we need to take sides, choose a team, thus dividing us and making it ridiculously easy to conquer us. And by conquering us, I mean keeping us from fighting collectively for better family leave, better maternal health care, better resources and options for our children and ourselves. We’re so busy trying to prove we’re an Alpha Female, conveniently forgetting that alpha males are generally assholes.


Speaking of Alpha Females, there’s a woman who has built up an impressive following on the Internet who I’ve tried to avoid giving airtime for the past year or so, after a few run-ins that made it clear her only motivation in life is to fight. I’ve tried thinking about her in a new-agey way, considering what made her the way she is, and trying to feel sympathy for her anger and vitriol rather than letting her make me act in turn. But when Jessica from the Leaky Boob – a woman I admire greatly and am proud to consider a friend – reached out to me about this Alpha person’s latest assault, I agreed to speak up.


I agreed to speak up because my friendship with Jessica is based on everything that this other person is trying her damndest to destroy. Jessica runs one of the most respected and beloved communities for breastfeeding women. I run a modest but pretty vocal community of people who take issue with the current state of breastfeeding promotion (as well as people who are totally cool with breastfeeding promotion, but ended up using formula for whatever reason and are willing to put up with the constant drama and debate because they have few other communities where they feel safe asking questions about formula feeding). We’re part of an informal community of breastfeeding advocates (and me, although I do consider myself a breastfeeding advocate, albeit a strange hybrid of one) where we discuss ways to better serve all mothers and provide REAL support and education. It’s actually really awesome to see how women can work together to find solutions even when they come from opposite ends of the parenting spectrum.


The Alpha individual operates on the premise that working relationships (and friendships) like this cannot – or should not – exist. Her page and blog are consistently dedicated to making fun of those who haven’t lived up to her own personal standards. Her work wouldn’t be worth mentioning at all, except for the fact that she has gotten the seal of approval from several notable breastfeeding researchers and advocates, including James Akre, who writes regular (and strikingly misogynist) guest posts for her blog. The woman knows how to get page views and Facebook likes. You have to admire her for that.


But in the immortal words of Stan Lee (and as I keep telling my Marvel comic-obsessed son), with great power comes great responsibility. And when someone with a fair share of public attention does something incredibly harmful, not only to a movement (those invested in creating a more supportive environment among mothers) but more importantly to an individual, that is an abuse of power, and seriously irresponsible.


Here are the facts: The blogger in question stole a photo of a woman in an emotional moment and used it to promote her recurring message that formula feeding parents are lazy and un-invested in their children. The photo was of a woman hooked up to wires, looking at least semi-unconscious, with a baby being held up to her breast. The blogger superimposed the word “obsessed” on the photo, meant in a “positive” way, as in, yes; this woman was obsessed with breastfeeding, which was a good thing because it meant she was properly dedicated. Unlike the rest of you nitwits.


The thing is, that was the antithesis of what this photo meant to the mom featured in it. This was, for her, a memory of something she went through with her child. I don’t know if that memory was positive or negative or something in between, as most postpartum memories are when something goes awry. It’s not my business to know. It’s hers. She didn’t intend for her image to be used this way. We don’t know the backstory behind the image, which I’m sure is human and flawed and beautiful and complicated.


But bloggers like the Alpha person are not complicated. They are simple. They are mean. And mean people suck.


They suck the life out of images like this; make them fodder for a contrived mommy war. They suck the life out of breastfeeding advocacy efforts, because they perpetuate the myth of the “breastapo” by becoming a caricature of that concept.  They suck the joy out of parenting, by making it a competition. They suck the intelligence and nuance out of what could be a productive debate between people who genuinely care about maternal and child health. And they suck the energy out of bloggers like Jessica and myself, who resent that we feel forced into a corner and made to confront this type of bottom-feeding behavior, when we could be focusing our collective efforts on something more productive.


Alpha types will always exist, these parasites that feed on fear, loneliness and feelings of inferiority. But parasites can be stopped if their food source is cut off. That’s why we are asking both of our communities to stop engaging. Don’t be a food source. Don’t visit her site. Don’t comment on the Facebook page, even if it’s to fight back against the hate. Just don’t engage.


If you see people you respect at risk of an infestation, let them know the true nature of the beast. Speak up when respected advocates are partnering with her or linking to her work. Let those around you know that this type of behavior does not advocate breastfeeding; it advocates bullying, shaming and hate.


And if you see one of her memes, post one of your own. One from a time before the internet allowed the best and worst of humanity to be distributed worldwide: Mean People Suck. Because they do.



Suzanne Barston is a blogger and author of BOTTLED UP. Fearless Formula Feeder is a blog – and community – dedicated to infant feeding choice, and committed to providing non-judgmental support for all new parents. It exists to protect women from misleading or misrepresented “facts”; essentialist ideals about what mothers should think, feel, or do; government and health authorities who form policy statements based on ambivalent research; and the insidious beast known as Internetus Trolliamus, Mommy Blog Varietal.

Suzanne Barston – who has written posts on Fearless Formula Feeder.

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9 thoughts on “Mean People Suck

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  2. I’ve been actively avoiding her blog, Facebook page, Pinterest or what have you.

    I wrote an open letter to her on Dr. Amy’s site because I’m certain she reads it, trying to get into her head. I just cannot understand the need to be so vile – is it a calculated effort to make money, feel power, make her mark on the world? Who knows. I try to be empathetic, but it is extremely difficult to have empathy for someone who seems unnecessarily cruel to other women.

    That said I have purchased formula after seeing a nasty meme and donated it to a food bank. Buying it out of anger to help someone who needs it. I think I should do that more often.

    Btw – I have one quibble – I’m older than you and don’t consider myself in my late 30s yet 😉

  3. I posted this same comment on TLB under Jessica’s great post.

    I don’t engage She Who Must Not Be Named, but I have seen the damage that she does to others and the damage that her followers inflict on guilt-ridden mothers. It has to stop now and I’m glad to see TLB and FFF at the forefront of this crusade. It’s time to support mothers in their feeding choices. Even if you feel like they are making the wrong choice.

  4. I love your thoughts on “she-who-shall-not-be-named”. As a woman and mother who breast and formula fed my son, I have found knowledge in The Leaky Boob and comfort in The Fearless Formula Feeder…and most of all, support from both. It’s women like “ahem” who desperately need to learn the lesson that rather that pitting mommas against each other because of how we feed our babies, we need to support each other. Being a mom is tough enough. Being made to feel ashamed of how we do it is just not right. And stealing a woman’s positive, emotional experience to make a point is just plain sick.

  5. OMG!!! I am so sick of loud mouth bullies. I couldn’t even read the rest of this after seeing what she did to the photo. I get too angry. I get so angry I want to explode. I need some yoga in my life or something.

    If you breastfeed in public you’re disgusting. If you formula feed you’re lazy. Women can’t win. I recently wrote a blog post pushing back at someone who had thrown around some terrible statements about public breastfeeding (I believe you read it) BUT a few days later I was questioning myself. I’m against “Mommy Wars” but is it any better starting a Mommy VS non-mommy ??? Then last night I heard “Not Ready to Make Nice” by the Dixie Chicks and I felt totally empowered. SOMEONE has to stand up to these bullies or they wreak havoc. Judgement is dangerous. It’s like a disease. It spreads. I’m so glad you and your friend are standing up to this woman. Disgusting, vile behaviour!

  6. Respect for other people’s choices; that is what makes the world a peaceful place. We are all different, whatever a person chooses, there is always a backstory, and that backstory is often no one else’s business….and yet….some people will be inclined to ask…and judge…

    Mean people do suck. And mean people do breed little mean people.
    But another one is: People who are mean – and spread their hate – encourage meanness in the world.

    My daughter is in high school and dealing with a difficult “mean girl” situation. I know the parents, they are not mean. I think it’s the environment in which meanness is condoned. Drivers honk & give each other the finger. Do they care that a child is watching…learning? Teaching our children empathy for others is perhaps the number one task as parents. If another driver yells at me, I tell my daughter “perhaps her grandmother died yesterday.” This is an attempt NOT to jump to judge a person just for one action/choice. We all have moments of weakness — and we make the best choices that feel right for US.

    Respect for other people’s choices — so important in this multicultural world of ours.

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