FFF Friday: “I just thought, go for it!”

This week’s FFF Friday tackles a subject that is not often discussed – relactation. I found Malika’s story so inspiring, a true testament to the fact that there is no one-size fits all recipe for infant feeding, and that there can be such a thing as a “second chance”.  


If you have a story you’d be willing to share with FFF readers, please email me at formulafeeders@gmail.com. Sharing is caring, as they say (who is “they”, by the way? That always puzzles me….).

Suzanne Barston is a blogger and author of BOTTLED UP. Fearless Formula Feeder is a blog – and community – dedicated to infant feeding choice, and committed to providing non-judgmental support for all new parents. It exists to protect women from misleading or misrepresented “facts”; essentialist ideals about what mothers should think, feel, or do; government and health authorities who form policy statements based on ambivalent research; and the insidious beast known as Internetus Trolliamus, Mommy Blog Varietal.

Suzanne Barston – who has written posts on Fearless Formula Feeder.

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