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I’m working on two research-heavy posts right now, but I’m getting that queasy feeling that comes when I neglect the blog for too long. It’s like I used to feel as a kid on Sundays, right around 3pm, knowing that I hadn’t even written one measly sentence of the book report that was due the next day.

So, I’m posting for the sake of posting today. Unfortunately, I’m brain dead. Can I throw the ball to you guys?

Here’s what we’re gonna do… why don’t you ask me something? It can be something formula-related (like an idea for a future post, or a quick inquiry into a specific subject) or personal. I’m an open book (report).

Ask away. I triple dog dare you.

Suzanne Barston is a blogger and author of BOTTLED UP. Fearless Formula Feeder is a blog – and community – dedicated to infant feeding choice, and committed to providing non-judgmental support for all new parents. It exists to protect women from misleading or misrepresented “facts”; essentialist ideals about what mothers should think, feel, or do; government and health authorities who form policy statements based on ambivalent research; and the insidious beast known as Internetus Trolliamus, Mommy Blog Varietal.

Suzanne Barston – who has written posts on Fearless Formula Feeder.

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9 thoughts on “Short and Sweet

  1. I'd be interested in the weaning process. I've heard of just keeping them on it until they wean and of substituting it. I'm heading there in a couple months and have no idea what to do.

  2. I'm 18 weeks pregnant with my first and haven't committed to a feeding method yet. I've moved from having no desire of any sort to breastfeed to being open-minded about the options. It is a challenge to find information that isn't a thinly veiled agenda (on either side), one masquerading as objective data. I think I've read just about every argument/counter-argument as to why 'breast is best' or why formula isn't poison. I'm curious now about real-life contrasts of FF babies and BF babies. Like, did you switch to formula early on with your baby or perhaps BF one child and FF the next? Were there any measurable differences in health or temperament that you felt could be attributed to feeding methods?

    I don't know if this is something you can address personally or is widely interesting enough to answer but I couldn't turn away from a triple dog dare.

    What I feel I really need right are a few good sources (books, articles, personal experiences) that I can reasonably trust are straight forward so I can make up my own mind without feeling as if I've just 'sided' with someone. Does that make sense? 🙂 (BTW – I found your blog through the Mainstream Parenting site and I'm glad I did! It has been a good resource so far.)

  3. How do you juggle your work/writing and taking care of the little guy? What kind of childcare arrangements do you have in place? I'm trying to figure out what to do myself!

  4. @Andrea and Jessica,

    Those are great questions, and I think I want to answer them in separate posts, since they warrant a pretty intense discussion. I will post something tomorrow answering Jessica's question, and as for Andrea's weaning inquiry – I'll have a post about weaning up no later than next week.

    @Amber: I have a babysitter who comes 3 times a week, for a total of 12 hours. During this time I try and get all of my paid writing work done; if things are slow on that end (which, sadly, they have been as of late… mama needs work, BADLY), I will use some of the time for blog-related stuff.

    I found our nanny through Craigslist, actually, and totally lucked out. Since I used to be an actress, I knew that I could probably find someone in the arts who needed flexibility, but who was also creative, energetic, and well educated. I found all of that in our nanny. She rocks.

    However, since a lot of what I focus on here is related to what I see in the news or Twitter or other blogs, I spend a great deal of time during FC's naptime on the interwebs. Also, Fearless Husband is a freelance photographer, and often has to go back to his studio after dinner, which allows me to get some crap done since it's not like I have anything better to do. But sometimes, House or Lost wins out over writing/blogging.


    I am so impressed that you asked me about becoming an LC. That shows a truly open mind – I'm sure most people would never put FFF and lactation consulting in the same paragraph, let alone sentence.

    And honestly… yes, I have. I looked into it about 6 months ago. It was more because I thought it would be useful for the book I'm trying to write to have some professional cred, but I also thought it would be cool to help women in the situation I was in… and as I've mentioned before, I encountered some amazing and some awful LCs, which makes me realize the impact a good, compassionate LC can have.

    Ultimately though, I think I'd make a lousy LC. Because the minute someone turned to me with tears in her eyes and said she wanted to quit, I'd be hugging her and handing her a can of Similac. And that isn't always the right thing to do. As we both know, it depends on the situation – many women really want to breastfeed and need encouragement and a push when things get rough. I would suck at that (no pun intended). I am really glad that there are great LCs out there who can provide encouragement, but I hope that they would also be like the ones who ultimately gave me permission to stop when it was clear that was what I needed.

    As for breastfeeding advocacy… when I talk to people like you, yes, I think it can take a turn for the better. The more we hear from voices like yours, the more women will feel empowered to breastfeed, rather than scared or guilted into it (which in my opinion is a recipe for disaster). I also think these things work like a pendulum; right now we are at a fever pitch with breastfeeding rights being infringed upon, just as the pressure to nurse exclusively is at an all time high… plus, mistrust of the medical establishment and big corporations feeds into vitriol against the formula companies and the medical professionals people assume are supporting Big Formula…it's a volatile environment. I hope that when things calm down a bit, we can go back to a kinder, gentler kind of breastfeeding advocacy.

  5. I'm almost 26 weeks pregnant and plan on FFing. What I'm wondering, is how do you pick the right formula? Where do you start? Also, I'm all about generic food for me and hubby, but is it the same with formula? Do you have any guidelines or suggestions for new moms who are going to FF as far as what to buy and try? Thanks!!!

  6. I'd love to hear your thoughts on nipple confusion… I'm currently pregnant with my first, and we're planning to combo feed. However, I've heard so much about nipple confusion from the lactivist side of things that I wonder if it's worth breastfeeding at all. Not exactly the point that lactivists wanted to make, I'm sure…

  7. @Shannon and Sara-

    First- congrats on your pregnancies! I hope you guys feel good and have beautiful births. 🙂

    I am writing another post to cover some of these Q&As… will be up shortly. Both your questions are answered there!

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